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Lettings Market Snapshot for January 2020

We bring you the latest trends in the rental market, with a detailed focus on South Hampshire.

Over the last 12 months, the average rent achieved for properties let in South Hampshire was £888 per month. This is a +4% change on the previous 12 month period.

The rate of annual rental growth across the UK remained unchanged in December at 1.4%. Value growth across London continues, average rents 1.2% higher than a year ago with growth at its strongest level in over 2 years. 

The government has announced an overhaul of the model tenancy contracts, including making it easier for responisble tenants to have a well behaved pet. At present just 7% of tenancies allow a pet, with a survey by the Property Academy finding over one third of tenants (35%) would be prepared to pay a rental premium in order to keep a pet.

Can renting be pet friendly?

40% of UK households own a pet, yet only 7% of landlords advertise homes as suitable for pets. It is no wonder many people struggle to find a pet-friendly home.

Research conducted by the Property Academy found that 35% of all tenants would be willing to pay a premium of £40 per month (£50 in London) for a ‘pet-friendly’ property. This proportion rises to 43% among tenants who are couples.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has called on landlords to make it easier for responsible tenants to have well-behaved pets in their homes, announcing an overhaul of the model tenancy contracts. There should be a clear balance with pet owners not being penalised and landlords being more flexible, yet their properties being protected from damage.

20% of English & 15% of Welsh households are in the private rental sector and this has been increasing. In England and Wales the private rental sector (the proportion of housing stock that is privately-rented) has increased by around 8% from 2013 to 2018, and therefore demand for pet-friendly homes is increasing. Private renters should be able to enjoy the happiness a pet can bring to their lives and hopefully the revised tenancy contracts will help this!

78% of renters in the UK encounter problems during their tenancy

Although we can’t always avoid our tenants encountering problems our experienced lettings team are committed to tackling these issues head on so that both our tenants and landlords can be assured they are in safe hands.

Nearly eight in every ten renters have experienced a problem renting, according to the HomeOwners Alliance 7th annual Homeowner survey, polled by YouGov.

Issues with landlords account for a significant number of problems, with nearly two-fifths of all renters finding it difficult to get their landlord to carry out maintenance and repairs. A third of those who had experienced problems, found their landlord unprofessional.

‘Poor heating and ventilation’ was cited as the second most common problem among tenants. By April 2020, all rental properties will be required to have an EPC rating of ‘E’, to comply with the 2018 ‘Minimum Level of Energy Efficiency’ standard. Just 12% of properties let over the past year have held the top rated EPC rating of A or B.

Following the introduction of the Tenant Fee Bill in England (June) and Wales (September), future editions of the survey should show a significant reduction in problems relating to charges and deposits.

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